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open-faced smoked beef sandwich with grilled mushrooms and gravy

Open-Faced Smoked Beef Sandwich

Open Faced Smoked Beef Sandwiches are the best way to use your holiday leftovers. Smoked or roast beef, grilled mushrooms and homemade gravy.

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open-faced smoked turkey sandwich with gravy with peas

Open-Faced Smoked Hot Turkey Sandwich

The only way to use your turkey leftovers is to make open-faced hot turkey sandwiches. Smoked or roasted turkey, gravy and peas on sourdough bread. A twist on the hot chicken sandwich.

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s'mores pancakes with nutella and graham cracker crumbs

S'mores Pancakes

S'mores pancakes, the only brunch recipe you need. Buttermilk pancakes, Nutella, roasted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs.

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