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Powered entirely by wood and charcoal, Alchemy is uniquely engineered to smoke low and slow or sear at high temperatures at the exact same time, making it the most versatile product of its kind. The ability to combine different cooking techniques opens up a realm of culinary adventures, ensuring that every meal becomes an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Ignite your passion for cooking with Alchemy and discover a whole new world of flavours and possibilities.

  • Diameter: 32.25”
  • Height: 38.94”
  • Gross Weight: 529 lbs
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal/Wood
  • Upper Grill Cooking Area: 323 sq. in.
  • Upper Centre Diamond Grill Cooking Area: 118 sq. in.
  • Upper Plancha Cooking Area: 323 sq. in.
  • Smoker Cooking Area: 1206 sq. in.
  • Total Cooking Area: 1,970 sq. in.
  • Thermometer: Custom Tel-Tru GT300R
  • Upper Plancha Material: 1⁄2 inch 304 stainless Steel
  • Upper Grill Material: 1⁄2 inch 304 stainless steel
  • Upper Centre Diamond Grill Material: 1⁄4 inch 304 stainless steel
  • 2 fully contained cooking areas
  • 2 half moon protective lids for upper grill area
  • 4 heavy duty retractable castors
  • Durable high heat matte black powder coat finish
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Phil &.
Canada Canada

The Alchemy is the ultimate live fire BBQ experience!

The Alchemy exceeded our expectations with its versatility as a smoker, grill, cooking plate and outdoor oven all in one! This incredible live fire cooking experience has enhanced our backyard culinary creations, ultimately leaving our family and friends wanting more. The seamless transition between functions makes it a standout choice and the exceptional customer service provided by the company has been outstanding! We highly recommend the Alchemy for any and all barbecue enthusiasts!

Scott R.
Canada Canada

The Best BBQ Ever!

We have a cottage rental up in Muskoka and we got an Alchemy Grill to help sell culinary events. The alchemy team helped us launch the first event and it was a huge success. Fires in general draw people in and Food has always been the best way to bring people together. The concept of live fire cooking is something that combines them both and it really is a spectacular way to cook, eat and hang out and do something cool. One thing I really like about cooking on the grill/griddle is that you can walk around it (360 degrees) as you cook, which is super handy because you tend to cook lots of things on such a big surface! Also...the smoker is huge. I love it so much I built an entire BBQ Hut for its new home. We are excited to get more food events at our place in Muskoka.

Jamie B.
Canada Canada

The Alchemy Grill is a game changer

TLDR: It is incredible and you should buy one! I purchased an Alchemy Grill in August 2023 and have been grilling on it non-stop since then. Sometimes I cook on it twice a day. It is intuitive to use and watching all of Matt's instagram videos has paid dividends. I have yet to do a long low and slow cook such as for a brisket (my next goal), but had amazing success with smoking two huge tomahawk for a reverse sear. I can honestly say that the steaks I have cooked on the Alchemy Grill are the best steaks of my life. I am 53 years old and have been BBQing since I was a kid. My trajectory was as follows: Weber charcoal grill with my Dad as a kid, small Fiesta propane BBQ as a poor student (including lamb chops on the balcony in -40 degree weather), Kamado charcoal grill for many years, then Weber Genesis natural gas BBQ for the past 14 years. Finally, the Alchemy Grill offers everything I could hope for. I have ample space to cook for my entire extended family and friends. I recently hosted a party where I cooked for over forty people. I cook everything on the grill. I boil water in my Silver Fire Dragon Pot (highly recommended). Smashed potatoes straight from the pot onto the plancha! Fish is amazing on the plancha! I would never want to use a pan for fish again. I melt butter for basting in a small cast iron pan on the periphery of the grill and don't have to worry about overcooking or smoking. Once you get a feel for the heat gradient everything becomes so much more intuitive than a gas grill. The ability to have distinct zones on the grill is great. The smoker box is great and I was hitting the temperatures that I wanted by my second use. I could continue rhapsodizing about the Alchemy Grill but at the end of the day I would just say - Buy one, you won't regret it!

James W.
Canada Canada

Incredibly fun

I've had the Alchemy for a couple weeks now and am loving it. I've been working my way through the amazing recipes on the site here. The versatility it offers is unmatched. Once the food is prepped, I can cook it all on the Alchemy, whether it's apps, sides, or mains, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The smoker is great, so much space to have a few things going at once. It's so great to hang out in the backyard with some friends and just cook and eat all weekend. It takes a little bit of planning to nail the timing of everything, but it's easy once you've used it a few times. You can't help but plan hosting nights to show it off and make great food. So happy with my purchase.

Jeff M.
Canada Canada

A new outdoor cooking experience

I jumped onto the smoking bandwagon some time ago and was struggling. I either got an outcome that was too smoky, not smokey enough, ran out of fuel, or didn’t have enough room for larger cooks like with Brisket or Ribs or veggies all at the same time. I mentioned to Matt how I wanted to get into a proper smoker and what did he suggest. He said 'just wait a bit' I'm working on something cool. I was fortunate to see the prototype in action eventually and was blown away by its versatility ….and how cool it was! I was a bit intimidated, but quickly learned when I received the final product it’s ease of use and a few other things: Now, I had all kinds of room to do multiple types of cooks simultaneously. I had a lower smoker section that really, I mean really held it’s temp accurately and efficiently. I had a top section with multiple heat zones. I had options available for space up and down, and while smoking below... I could use the top separately like a stove... and boil, sear, fry, or rest... all at same time. I had more than a smoker. I have made a longer cooks up and down and fed an army of guests. I have reversed seared the best Tomahawk of my life for two. I have made a smaller fire up top using only charcoal and wood, and also charcoal only to do burgers... or steak & eggs at whim. The kiss of the smoke you get from the grill is like nothing else. This an Egg, A gas BBQ, a Pellet Smoker and a Plancha all in one. No need for anything else on your deck. It will give you the freedom to rely on your current knowledge, and it will inspire you to expand your your backyard kitchen limits. The construction is incredible, and no element of this unit was spared any attention. It’s restaurant quality, and I can see lasting a lifetime. Well done, and worth the wait guy's